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Modular Uniquely Designed for Office, Commercial, or Residential

Systems that truly "SNAP" Together using patent pending

Structural Building UnitsTM

Fabricated Using ISO Shipping Containers.

Cost Effective, Portable, Well Designed, and Energy Efficient.


Demand for cost effective, reasonably priced housing all over South Texas, specifically in the city of San Antonio, is at a critical state as there is a huge demand for new, high quality affordable , moderately priced family, apartment homes and “starter” homes , and no where enough has been built in the region outside the San Antonio metropolitan area over the past five to ten years to meet. People who work in the region servicing the needs of the existing industry infrastructure, or who work for the county, on the ranches and farms in the area, or who work in San Antonio and Laredo and who choose to not live so close to the border do not have many reasonable options. In the past five years oilfield related occupants in many areas south of San Antonio, in msany cases they displaced many from existing housing. The bottom line is that demand for new affordable, moderately priced residential space in both San Antonio and surrounding smaller towns has been long overlooked – rents have moved towards almost $2.00/sqft per month. The fact that San Antonio continues to experience economic growth and the surrounding towns are starting to receive economic benefits from the influx of workers because of the resulting demand for goods and services related to population increase means demand for new housing will continue to increase.

Considering the current economic climate, David Monnich and his related entities have developed a system that can be used to construct quality affordable residential units (apartments and single family homes, that include all typical amenities) that can be economically leased out at $1.04/sqft or sold at very reasonable rates depending on land costs and this system can be constructed in a fraction of the time typically needed for similar development and , more importantly, for a significantly lower cost. This “template” for development can be used in other locations all across the US and the world. Bottom line - the goal is to develop quality affordable energy efficient housing wherever there is a demand that is easy to construct, is extremely energy efficient and secure, and is easy to maintain. A patent application has been filed (patent pending) for this system based on a multi - container building system that has been developed by Monnich. This construction system can be deployed for commercial as well as residential use in areas all over the world where affordable structures are needed, or where special situations arise where quick, affordable structures are required (even in disaster recovery, areas prone to seismic activity, etc.). By developing a quality product that can be constructed in a timely fashion, for a lower cost per unit/per square foot, units can be leased economically at significantly lower rates compared to current market conditions in the region.


1> QUICK & FAST, cost effective – 2446 / its associated entities use a design that is easy to install and which is extremely flexible , easily repeated, and which is appealing and easily changed as to appearance to meet the aesthetic tastes of the users / developer / and owner – the initial prototype project included a combination of small one bedroom efficiency apartments with 480 sqft and two bedroom apartments containing approximately 840 up to 960 sqft. The basic structural units are fabricated at a main production facility and then delivered to the final site for placement and “completion“. By using shipping containers ( “high boys“ 9’ inside clear ht, 8’ w x 40’ long ) converted into a basic structural building block unit for the structure, placed on piers or footings, the buildings have a secure, rigid foundation and structure that is easily used as a platform for remodeling into a comfortable efficient residential design. By using containers, the development uses a defined unit of structure that is easily obtained, has been proven time after time all over the world when used as a basis for construction, and most importantly this basic Structural Building Unit is very easy to transport (with no special permits) and maintain. These “Structural Building Units” can be joined together in a weather tight fashion either temporarily or permanently depending on the end use. It is truly important to point out that the 24446 Monnich design has been carefully reviewed by structural civil as well as mechanical engineers, architects, as well as normal design professionals.

2> LANDSCAPE AND PEOPLE SPACE – It is important to note land space planning incorporated for this development model, includes covered parking, patios for entertaining, play areas and landscaped green belts around the buildings that are to be constructed (landscape design emphasizing minimum maintenance, and th use of gathering / cistern systems to provide irrigation, solar powered site lighting etc).

3> EFFICIENT QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – The emphasis is on using simple open layouts, maintenance free exterior systems, inexpensive floor systems in living and kitchen areas, high efficient and properly insulated walls and ceilings, high efficiency HVAC systems, and including normal amenities such as washer / dryer combinations.Free WIFI, efficient wiring in all apartments for data, communications and normal cable TV and satellite services. Single story or two to three story design can be used to get to an optimum density based on the land available. Each Pod can include a “club house “ available for use by families – similar to the “Biblioteque SYstem” offered by the City of San Antonio Library System ( a place to use computers, do homework, a place to have meetings etc.


Monnich entities have already completed building One of Seven at 600 Berry street in Encinal, Texas 78019. This project includes two acres specifically chosen for the following reasons –

Visibility – both acres are directly visible from I 35

Available Utility Services – appropriate water, sanitary sewer and electric services are available in proper capacities needed to serve a planned development with 70 units

Multiple new locations have been targeted by Monnich and his entities located on the SE SIde of the City of San Antonio – located at 4848 Sinclair ( a 3.5 Acre tract on SInclair - as well as 2.18 acres located at 765 W. W. White 78220).

Encinal was originally chosen because – no new housing had been built in the area for many years, as well as due to the significant energy industry activity in the area, as well as its proximity to Laredo and Cotulla, Texas. HUD actually sponsored an exhibit at the Institute of Texan Cultures in ( June 2017) ( by Dr. Harriett Romo of UTSA which specifically highlighted the Monnich / 2446 Project in Encinal.


Monnich believes that it is absolutely necessary to come up with an inexpensive, structurally sound alternative for construction compared to “stick built” or concrete block / CMU facilities due to rising costs of construction, logistics and un-met demand for housing. Standard “stick built” facilities in the area start to require significant maintenance after 12 - 18 months due to pests, workmanship issues, temperature gradient etc. The need for construction efficiency as well as designing to minimize future maintenance requirements are huge considerations. After making several tests of material use, 2446 and the development team have come to the conclusion that the use of Intermodal Shipping Containers converted into Structural Building Units as the main building block for the planned developments allows for development of a true construction alternative to what is normally considered Conventional? A new Structural Building Unit Type......

The definition of “conventional construction techniques” seems to be extremely variable and changing constantly. The basic premise for the design using containers that are modified uses proven construction techniques – or what many call conventional – in a new and innovative way to create a new affordable alternative - Modified containers transformed into a Basic Structural Unit (“BSU”), placed together in groups (rather than one container per one living unit as has been the case in some projects) to create large basic living spaces, incorporating the use of high density closed cell foam insulation, metal stud framing, fire alarm, smoke detection and sprinkler systems (as needed), high “E” working window and door systems, typical appliances found in homes and apartments in all major metropolitan areas, wiring for latest data/internet and telephone systems. Across the US as well as in Europe and Asia there are multiple examples where containers have been used to construct commercial facilities, college dormitories and apartment complexes. This is not a new technology – this is an example of taking what others have done and strategically modifying materials so they can be mass produced to get economies of scale – so that a project is no longer “custom” as to the structural systems used.

LINKS for info on our PROTOTYPE Project
Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePnXG7M6RQ8
Apartment Web Site: www.encinalapartments.com

To see pictures of the construction process (and download if you like) for the project in Encinal, see the photos.

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Prefabrication – by using a basic container as the main structural component, we have developed a series of basic modules that can be mass produced to gain economies of scale and which fit together like “LEGOSTM” (PATENT PENDING). Using these modules as the basic “building block” for all of its products, basic structural units can be prefabricated and made ready for delivery at a “main facility” (a “main facility” is to be set up close to wherever the container supply is maintained and close to a labor supply – our initial facility is in Houston). Significant reductions in cost are experienced compared to other types of construction because of both time savings in the construction process and the fact costs per until drop by using the same basic structural units over and over. The final remodel/finish work on site is made easier for all subcontractors because preliminary “rough in” work is done during the fabrication stage. The amount of work completed at the main facility can be modified depending on final location permitting and inspection requirements. Final “trim out” work is done on site after proper inspections are made, allowing subcontractors to focus on the requirements to create a final product when on site using minimal man power.

Ease of Transport – containers are easily carried by truck to locations in the region; no specialized equipment or permits are needed for handling as mobile small cranes and forklifts can easily remove the units from trucks and carry the expected 9,000 to 12,000 lb units.

Structural Integrity & Consistency – containers are all constructed to ISO standards, meaning they are consistent in both dimension and weight. At any given moment there are multiple suppliers of the units and there is a good supply of used containers available worldwide. The containers are designed to be stacked a minimum of nine units high on container ships travelling across the globe. Thus, structurally the use of such units to come up with a design whereby they are stacked two to three high is consistent with their intended use. Cost Savings Using Prefabrication - by using the same basic design, modified to allow for a 1 or 2 bedroom capacity, and constructing the units in a “yard” environment to allow for production line efficiencies to be developed, Monnich has already experienced a significant savings per square foot. Furthermore, by minimizing final installation time to reduce total labor costs by designing for ease of installation, further savings are expected.


Overall design management, based on the use of the static sizing of the containers, has resulted in the use of six basic structural construction units (modified containers) placed and attached to create basic 1 bedroom apartments having approx. 480 sqft and 2 bedroom apartments having between 840 and 960 sqft. And a single familyresidential1600sqft house, A huge appeal for the design we are using is the fact the system is SECURE & SAFE (insulated metal doors with dead bolts tied into a metal frame system of the containers minimizing break in potential), WELL LIT, EFFICIENT (minimized utility costs) with minimum REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE EXPECTATIONS (no wood rot, no termite concerns, no rodent concerns, easily maintained HVAC systems, etc.). The design allows for significant flexibility concerning the ability to change apartment configurations if demand dictates such (change bedroom configurations etc.). The design also allows for construction to be done in “phases” or “pods”, to create single family houses efficiently.

shipping container used for housing

shipping container used for housing

shipping container used for housing

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